Our Sustainable Approach

At Rijk’s, we strive to live more sustainably every day. Over the past few years, we have made small changes to how we look after our vineyards and how we treat the surrounding grounds. We’ve also started implementing eco-friendly practices in our everyday farm life, which will eventually have a significant impact.

Our four areas of sustainability focus are our Hotel Eco Pool, the Waterwise Garden, the newly introduced Beehives and the one we might be most proud of, our pesticide and Chemical-free Vineyards.

In celebration of Earth Day this past week, we wanted to highlight the “how” & “why” of the sustainable practices on the Rijk’s Estate.


Imagine taking a dip in a mountain stream; only there’s wine nearby. That’s precisely what our eco-pool has to offer.

We are all fearfully aware of the number of chemicals needed to maintain a conventional swimming pool. On the other hand, our eco-pool is a self-sustaining solution that helps create a conservation area for aquatic life. Therefore, Rijk’s Hotel residents can submerge with a clear conscience, knowing that our pool isn’t harming the environment and is kept crystal clear by a complex ecosystem of plants that filter the water.


The gardens surrounding our Hotel and Restaurant are entirely made up of succulents and indigenous plants. Not only do they make for a genuinely local flora experience with unique colours and an impossibly diverse range of shapes and textures, but it is also a water-wise approach to landscaping.

The garden, started a few years ago, consists of an ever-expanding array of indigenous succulents and spekboom – we can’t wait to see what they look like in a few years as the plants mature.


At the start of the 2021 summer season, we installed the first of our beehives and began the journey of producing Rijk’s Honey. Guests can enjoy the produce of these tiny buzzing insects in the Rijk’s Restaurant, while the increased bee activity on the farm is incredibly beneficial to the surrounding plant life.

Bees help the plants that grow around the vineyard thrive through pollination. These plants are essential in creating a healthy vine environment, eliminating the need for unnecessary chemicals and pesticides.


2022 marks our second year without the conventional spraying of any chemicals, which we are very proud of. We achieved this by naturally controlling damaging insects in our vineyards and ensuring that the soil stays nutrient-rich.

If we are intentional about how we consume and produce wine, it will have a ripple effect beyond our farm gate, and future generations will reap the rewards.



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