We are now on week four of our harvest and with only one more block to pick, the end is near. The focus has now shifted to the cellar work. The press is running, punch downs and pump overs are now part of the daily routine, our hands have practically changed colour and two coffees a day have now doubled to four.

We caught up with our winemaker, Adriaan about how this harvest has been going so far and this is what he had to say:
“At this stage all the Pinotage is in, done fermenting, has been pressed and is now busy with malolactic fermentation in barrel. This year we were blessed with tiny berries that add beautiful concentration in the wine. The Chenin blanc is making us wait a little with one more block that needs to be harvested. The rest of our naturally fermented Chenin blanc is already in the barrel slowly fermenting away. Fermentation is long and steady, already giving us wonderful ripe flavours with great acidities. We also pride ourselves in our organic approach in our vineyards. We strive for easy, clean ferments with as little additives possible to truly showcase our soil and vineyards. This year our two interns have been working very hard on very little sleep. As Rafael put it: “I thought I was coming for a harvest, not training for Iron Man!”. We believe that our preparation, long hours, little sleep and hard work makes for a great wine at the end of the day and we can’t wait to show off when its time comes!” – Adriaan Jacobs

Daniel, our farm manager also had a few words about this current harvest. He is the driving force behind the field work and the picking of the grapes. “It was with great anticipation that we commenced harvest on the night of the 24th of January 2023. We knew what we were up against with the long nights ahead, but still very optimistic about the yield. This year produced very good grapes, if fact, we got 60 tons more grapes than the previous year! Much of which was due to 4 new young blocks that came into production. This year the weather conditions were perfect for picking and we were lucky enough not to deal with any diseases in the vineyards. There was also an overall improvement in the analysis of the grapes this harvest. Although we had a bit of a bottleneck situation towards the end of harvest, with hard work from our workers and cellar staff we will manage to get all the grapes down in time. With only one more block to be picked, we are looking forward to a well earned rest and a few more hours sleep.” 

While we are celebrating our 23rd harvest, South African wine is celebrating their 364th grape harvest. South Africa is the only country that can pinpoint the exact starting date of its wine industry, thanks to a diary entry by Jan van Riebeeck on 2 February 1659: “Today, praise be to God, wine was made for the first time from Cape grapes.” This is extremely significant as it marks the start of the wine industry in South Africa. We celebrated on the 2nd of February but the whole month is considered a celebration. 

 Why not celebrate with some of our wines?