Our wine range has something for everyone. From easy drinking, everyday wines, to more complex full bodied wines. There are different tiers with different methods of processing that wine. Below we tell you more about the different ranges.


This wine comes from younger raised bush vines and trellis vineyards. (4 – 8 years old)

Characteristics include:

  • Fruit driven style.
  • Medium bodied.
  • Accessible. 

Private Cellar

This wine comes from older bush vines, 8 – 15 years old. 

This wine is:

  • Complex and structured.
  • Full bodied wine. 


Comes from our oldest raised bush vines on the farm, which are 22 years old. A barrel selection of our finest 7-8 barrels are done to choose only the top quality wines for this range. 
  • Power and elegance.
  • Complex and structured.
  • Full bodied wines.


This is our flagship range. Only 888 bottles are produced every vintage. Our best 2 barrels of Chenin Blanc and Pinotage are selected for this wine. The name comes from the amount of bottles that we produce every year.